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Euless Express Lube

Euless Express Lube

A family-owned mechanic and oil change shop



We will personally work to ensure you are completely satisfied with the work done on your car. That includes explaining to you upfront all the options available for your car and working with you to ensure you receive the most affordable service without ever compromising the quality of the work. I will never let you walk away with any work that I would not approve of for my own daughter's car. 


We are upfront and honest about our work. We believe by providing timely, quality work at at extremely competitive rates, our business will grow with our reputation. Other shops nearby tack on hidden or uncommon fees. You will often see a shop fee AND a disposal fee, or a very "cheap" oil change that somehow costs more than ours by checkout time. This is often done by cutting corners, such as covering fewer than 5 quarts of oil, not checking tire pressure and topping off fluids as STANDARD care, or charging extra to reset TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring systems). Our customer base mainly comes from customers who are unhappy with their other shop. You find all of our prices online, which is uncommon in our industry. Check your regular shop's website: can you find their prices without a direct call? We believe transparency to our community is important. At Euless Express Lube, what you see is what you get, and we are proud of it!



We guarantee our work. Our parts and labor with most work comes with a lifetime warranty on the parts and 1 year warranty on the labor (may vary depending on the work). We do not rush you out the door. Your experience with us is of the utmost importance!

Our full service oil change is $29.95. Many customers ask "Why is it not $19.95 like the other shops?" when they first enter Euless Express Lube. The answer? Quality. Other shops may not change your oil filter, check and top off all your fluids, and check tire pressure. More importantly, they use what is called a "base oil" when changing your car's engine. The engine is arguably the most important component of your vehicle. Replacing the engine oil with a base oil will absolutely decrease the lifetime of your vehicle's engine. We use a VERY high quality oil even in our standard (non-synthetic) oil changes. We believe that looking after the long-term interest of our customer's is the right thing to do. This oil is more expensive than a crude or base oil, which is why our service may cost more than other shops. We believe that our loyal customer base questions us, checks their filter and oil, and returns because they understand the work we do here is extremely high quality, even on "simple" maintenance such as oil change!


The Guys:
Moe & Ali



Manager & Alignment Technician

Big Moe! You will always see him running around providing the best work. He is a certified State Inspector, a veteran Lube Technician, and is bringing his work ethic to our Alignment Services as well. He is often the first to run up to your vehicle, change your tire, or fix your tail light. He truly does it all with a smile on his face!



Ali is silent and focused as he works, but rowdy and full of laughter in between jobs. Ali has been working on cars since he was 12 years old in Iraq! His life has brought him to America where he continues to use his technical skills and passion for automobiles to service all your mechanical needs.